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N50 Rimfire and Airgun Benchrest League

What is N50 Rimfire and Airgun Benchrest

Shooters place targets with 25 record bulls at 50 yards and try to hit the “X”.  You may shoot a rimfire rifle or an air rifle.  You may shoot off any rest, bipod or sandbag.  You may set up wind flags to help read the wind.  If you are shooting rimfire it must be standard velocity long rifle .22 ammo.  If are shooting an air rifle you can shoot any pellet from .177 to .30 or you can shoot slugs.  You will get to shoot a practice target for 15 minutes before the match starts.  After that you will shoot 3 record targets in 20-minute sessions.  You can shoot as many sighter shots as you like.  To keep things fair there are 3 classes of shooting: Pellet which is only for pellet shooters, Sportsman which is only for factory rimfire guns or factory air guns shooting slugs and Pro which is only for custom rimfire rifles or custom air guns shooting slugs.  At your option pellet rifles can shoot above their class and sportsman rifles can shoot above their class but no rifle in a higher class can shoot in a lower class.  Scoring is best edge scoring which means if the hole touches a ring, you get the higher score.  To keep things fair all close shots will have a plug inserted with pellet and sportsman class using a .35 plug and pro class using a .224 plug.  For more detailed info please visit: https://www.national50.net

Where are the matches held

Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club

11998 Stevens Canyon Road

Cupertino, CA 95014

When do matches take place

On the first Saturday of each month, we hold our matches.  If you are a non-member you need to arrive by 7:45 so I can let you in as the gates will be locked.  If you miss that time you will have to wait for someone to open the gate.  We also hold a second match on the Friday following the first Saturday.  This match is not on the calendar, and it is a member only day, but we usually have no problem running the match and coordinating with members shooting at the same time.  A notice as a reminder is always sent out to the regular shooters.

What does it cost

All shooters pay the match director $5.  All non-members pay at the window $25 which entitles you to shoot all day.  The match director supplies the targets.

Scoring of targets

After each record target is completed and a cease fire is called, we go down range and the match director collects all targets and the shooter post their next target.  Upon completion of the 3-record targets, the match director will either score at the club or at home.  A score card will be sent to each shooter.  If scored at the range the targets will be returned to each shooter.  If scored at home, photos will be taken of the targets and sent to each shooter.  All scores are then sent into the N50 association.  Once a month scores are updated for all shooters that compete so that you can see how you rank.  Once a year N50 holds National matches in Raton, New Mexico at the NRA Whittington Center and is open to all interested shooters.

Who runs the matches

Dana Wyse is the match director.  If you are interested in being added to the mailing you can reach me at: dmwyse@gmail.com or 650-793-4212.  Please remember we only have 10 benches, so you will need to respond to my match reminder email to be assured of having a bench.  If you do not receive the email reminder and want to be on the list please forward me your name and email.

Watch this video to get a flavor of what it is like to participate in an N50 Rimfire and Airgun Benchrest match.

Call Us at 408-873-8255

Email us at info@sgun.org

Physical Address: 11998 Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino, CA 95014
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2903, Cupertino, CA 95015
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