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Rifle/Pistol Range

For costs and hours of operation, please see the Home page, which has information for the entire club

Interior of the Rifle/Pistol Range

Rifle/Pistol Range Lanes:

  1. Ten .22 caliber rimfire rifle lanes from 25 to 100 yards at our Rifle and Pistol range
  2. Eight pistol lanes from 25 to 100 yards at our Rifle and Pistol range
  3. Ten center fire rifle lanes from 25 to 100 yards at our Rifle and Pistol range

Rifle/Pistol Range Rules

Range rules at the Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club are intended to ensure every visitor has a safe and enjoyable experience. Please be familiar with the following rules to get the most out of your visit to the club. A copy of these Rules are available at the Club outside the Range Office.

  1. All firearms must be cased and unloaded at the firing line benches.
  2. All uncased firearms must be carried with the muzzle pointed up, action open, and magazine removed.
  3. No loaded firearms allowed on the range except on the firing line or permitted CCWs.
  4. No holstered firearms or drawing from a holster is allowed. If you have a CCW permit and wish to fire your CCW, speak with the Range Master for further instruction.
  5. Always keep firearms pointed downrange, especially when handled.
  6. No movement forward of firing line is permitted until the Range Master gives instructions.
  7. At the “cease-fire” command, remove magazines, open actions, insert chamber flags, and move to the safety zone behind the yellow line.
  8. Do not loiter down range; return to the safety zone behind the yellow line after checking your target.
  9. Do not cross the yellow line during “cease- fire” and target change.
  10. Fire only at approved targets placed at the numbered position corresponding to your bench. Do not post targets on edge of frame.
  11. When firing, keep the muzzle of the firearm at or forward of the firing line.
  12. If you cannot clear a malfunction, stay at your bench and raise your hand to attract the attention of the Range Staff.
  13. The Range Staff are authorized to inspect all firearms and ammunition and prevent the use of anything deemed unsafe or hazardous.
  14. Every unused firearm must have its action open and a chamber flag inserted.
  15. No children under 6 are allowed on the range. Children age 6 through 17 must be supervised by an adult who is within arms length at all times and paying full attention to the child.
  16. Eye and ear protection must be worn on the Rifle/Pistol range during all firing sessions.
  17. The following are prohibited:
    1. Alcoholic beverages.
    2. Drugs, such as marijuana, etc.
    3. Fully automatic firearms.
    4. Incendiary, tracer, armor-piercing, or explosive ammunition.
    5. Wearing and drawing from the holster.
    6. Shooting the target stands.
    7. Some high caliber firearms (see RM).
    8. Black powder or black powder substitute firearms.
    9. Smoking
    10. Excessive rapid fire.

The Range Master's decision is final. Violators of any rules may be requested to leave the premises.

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