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NRL22 Tactical Precision Rimfire League

Introduction to the League

SRGC has been hosting NRL22 matches since 2019 and was the very first NRL22-sanctioned club in Northern California! Many of our regular participants also compete in high-end tactical precision match series such as NRL22X, PRS22, NRL, and PRS.

Our NRL22 league is intended to be a fun, yet competitive league for individuals of any and all experience levels. No prior precision rifle shooting experience is required. Both club members and non-members are welcome to join us. In order to participate, shooters must pre-qualify with a Match Director in order to ensure safety and consistency at our matches.

We shoot the monthly Course of Fire (COF) published by NRL22, plus 1 or more local club stages. Although NRL22 membership is not required to shoot in our league, joining NRL22 is highly encouraged. For more information on NRL22, please see: https://nrl22.com/


Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club - Rifle and Pistol Range
11998 Stevens Canyon Road
Cupertino, CA 95014



  • 2nd Monday of each month

  • 4:45PM – Check-in and zero check

  • 5:15PM – Target setup and safety brief

  • 5:45PM – Match begins

  • 8:55PM – Match ends, range cleanup, match debrief


Both members and non-members are invited to join the league. No previous experience or classification are required.

Information for New Shooters

New shooters must contact the NRL22 league Match Director at norcal.nrl22@gmail.com in order to set up a mandatory pre-match orientation session.

Course of Fire

Our monthly matches include 5 NRL22-prescribed stages, plus 1 or more local club stages. All shooting is done at distances from 25 to 100yd, usually on reactive steel targets. Targets can be as small as ¼”, or as large as 6”.

Shooting is done in a variety of positions including:

Supported Prone

Shooter lays flat on their frontside, using a bipod and rear bag for support


Shooter must support the rifle using designated barricades, which can consist of 1 or more of the following standard types: Tank Trap, barrel, 2 and 5 gallon buckets, ladder, sawhorse, rooftop, cinder blocks, folding chair, Pyramid obstacle, tripod and tires. Club stages may involve a broader range of improvised barricades not listed above.


Unsupported Positions

  • Prone
  • Sitting
  • Kneeling
  • Standing
  • No support equipment is allowed except a sling


  • Rifle: Any bolt action or semi-auto rifle chambered in 22LR and with a detachable magazine receiver. Fixed magazines are not allowed. At least two 10-round magazines are needed to be competitive.
  • Optics: A modern 30 or 34/35mm tactical precision scope is highly recommended with most of the following features: target turrets, side focus (parallax), first focal plane (FFP) reticle with graduations of ½ mil or 2 MOA, zoom up to 16x or more, zoom throw lever, zero stop.
  • Safety: Eye and Ear protection, chamber flag, elbow/knee pads
  • Support equipment: removable bipod, barricade bag(s), rear bag, shooting sling.


No Alibis or sighters are allowed once a match has commenced.

Squading and Scoring

  • Shooters will be part of a Squad, assigned by the Match Director prior to the match.
  • Squads will be led by an experienced NRL22 shooter, who will serve as the Squad Leader for the match. Shooters in a squad will rotate positions: Shooter, Range Officer, Spotter/Scorer, and on-deck shooter. Only experienced shooters should act as Range Officer.


  • SRGC members: $5 per match
  • Non-members: $20 per match (includes discounted range fee)


  • Shooters will be requested to assist in set-up and clean-up and shut down the range at the end of each match.
  • Safety will be the overriding and primary consideration in the resolution of all issues.
  • Compliance with all Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club rules and regulations is required.
  • Match directors must be Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club members.
  • Assistance and guidance will be available to all new shooters, or shooters new to the sport of NRL22, on a "time available" basis.
  • Most importantly - Have Fun!

NRL22 Divisions and Classifications

Our NRL22 League supports the various competitive divisions: Open, Base, Ladies, Young Guns, OG, Adaptive, and Airgun. In addition, NRL22 maintains a classification system and national leader board for registered NRL22 shooters. For more information on the Division requirements and Classification, please see: www.nrl22.com

Contact and Downloadable Resource

For any questions, or to set up a pre-qualification safety session, please contact NRL22 Match Director at: norcal.nrl22@gmail.com

NRL22 League Overview 071523.pdf

Call Us at 408-873-8255

Email us at info@sgun.org

Physical Address: 11998 Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino, CA 95014
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2903, Cupertino, CA 95015
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