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5-Stand Lewis Shoot

The Lewis Class System is designed to allow new shooters to enjoy formal competition by giving everyone roughly equal chances to win prizes. Shooters are ordered by their final scores (i.e. total number of targets broken) and then divided into roughly even sized Lewis Classes. For example, in a tournament with three Lewis Classes, the top third of scores would form Class 1, the middle third of scores would form Class 2, and the bottom third of scores would form Class 3. The top shooter in each class then wins a prize. Because placement is semi-random, shooters always have a chance to take the top of the middle classes (or even top and bottom) classes.

To handle ties, a set of rules are applied to give small incentives to shoot better. In addition to that, the shoot organizers can choose how many Lewis Classes to create, although courtesy dictates the size or number of classes is announced ahead of shoot time.

See Georgia Sporting Clays Association - Lewis Class System.

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